Islfax is a web app for composing and sending faxes with a scanner and a fax modem. It aims to be an easy to install, easy to use solution for the home or small office user that wants to use a scanner and fax modem as a fax machine equivalent, from any machine on the LAN.

The scanner, fax modem, and browser can all be on different machines, though the fax modem should be on the same machine as the web server.

Currently it uses mgetty+sendfax to spool and send faxes, and SANE scanimage to scan pages. ImageMagick is also required. These packages come with most current distributions.

Islfax makes heavy use of php4 and style sheets. So don't expect much if you're using an antiquated browser. It has no access control, no concept of user accounts, or anything like that.

This is a work in progress, though it is usable today.

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Development, bug reports, etc.

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You can contact the author at (Brian Craft).

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